New Airline Flight Schedule


We are extremely pleased to announce starting October 5, 2018, United Airlines is providing a new business-friendly schedule (Early Out – Late In) to/from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) making it easier than ever to do business and make travel connections!




6:00 AM

6:04 AM


12:02 PM

2:02 PM


2:38 PM

2:42 PM


6:54 PM

8:53 PM

This schedule will enable customers to make connections to destinations across the U.S. and around the world, and for those doing business, the opportunity for same-day business trips to Chicago and many destinations across the country.

Please always “Check MKG First” at UNITED.COM and consider all associated travel costs and factors when making a flight decision (i.e. drive time, cost to park, gas, mileage, hotel stay needed? etc.).  MKG should be the airport of choice for the West Michigan Shoreline Region’s air travel needs.

Every passenger choosing to fly from MKG will positively impact our ability to retain this new schedule. Future decisions regarding scheduling, adding additional flight(s), additional destination(s), etc. will be heavily influenced by the success of this schedule. United Airlines views MKG favorably; however, keeping and enhancing air service ultimately depends on the region’s commitment to flying from MKG. 

So please, advise your travel planner to always “Check MKG First!” at UNITED.COM for the air travel needs of your employees and customers.  For more information or assistance, contact the airport’s Air Travel Marketing Consultant, Dianne Hoofman, at 231.798.4596 X4922 or