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A division of the Muskegon County Information Technology department, Muskegon County GIS manages the County enterprise GIS.  We provide spatial technologies, applications, and services in support of the business needs of the customers, departments, clients and public within Muskegon County.

Featured Mapping Applications


Muskegon Holiday Displays 2018:

The Muskegon Holiday Displays application is designed as a crowd-source application where property owners with outdoor holiday displays or public facilities with indoor or outdoor displays can add their display to the map with a photo and users can view the map and displays to know where to visit.
The application works on desktop, tablet and mobile phones or devices. 


Property Viewer:

The Property Viewer provides access to basic property information, aerial photography and assessment information.  Additionally, property reports and descriptions are available by printing a report.   PDF links are available for subdivision plats from the "identify" tool and then clicking on the map.

WhosMyCommissioner.150x150.previewWho's My Commissioner:

The Who's My Commissioner application allows users to search by address to locate home address or desired address.  Once found, the address is selected and identified and automatically selects the appropriate commissioner district and provides information about the Commissioner serving that area.

LandBankViewer.150x150.previewLand Bank Properties:

The Land Bank Property Viewer showcases properties that are now, or once were, in the holdings of the Muskegon County Land Bank.   The viewer provides basic property information and is intended to demonstrate the impact that the Muskegon County Land Bank is having on improving neighborhoods.

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