Citizen Appointments

View information on the various advisory boards and committees on which the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners makes citizen appointments by selecting the appropriate one on the pane to the left. All applications will be kept on file for one year.

Notice of Application for Citizen Appointments

The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners annually seeks (beginning in August) residents Interested in serving the community through appointments to its boards and committees.  Interested residents may view all current vacancies below and apply online for consideration.  

Interested residents may submit applications for open appointments by the November 1, 2022, deadline for terms expiring on 12/31/2022 for:

  • Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee (3-year term)

    • Festivals/Events Representative

    • At Large Representative

  • Airport Development Committee (2-year term)

    • Chamber of Commerce Representative

    • Public Representative

    • Private Sector Representative

  • Community Corrections Advisory Board (3-year terms)

    • Business Representative

  • Land Bank Fast Track Authority (3-year terms)

    • Township Representative

    • 2 Public Sector Representative Openings

  • Museum Board (3-year term)

    • One Board Opening

  • Public Health Advisory Committee (3-year terms)

    • Licensed or certified by State of Michigan as health care practitioner representative

    • 2 General Public/well informed of public health matters

  • Road Commission (6-year terms)

    • At-Large Representative

    • Service Area

  • Senior Activities Committee (3-year term)

    • At-Large (rural area)

  • Solid Waste Planning Committee (2-year terms)

    • 2 Public Representative Openings

    • Planning Representative

    • Solid Waste Management

  • Veterans Advisory Committee (4-year terms)

    • 3 Committee Openings


For those applying for consideration for the HealthWest Board of Directors, please apply using this form.