Airport Development

Active Projects

The Runway 6/24 Pavement and Lighting Rehabilitation project will commence on April 29, 2019 with an estimated 80-day construction schedule.  This project will repave the runway, install pavement grooving to improve water drainage, upgrade the runway lighting system, decouple Taxiway 'C' from the runway and install runway guard lights on Taxiway 'A' between Runways 24 and 14/32.  Project Map (PDF)

Upcoming Projects - 2019

The Airport is expecting to receive federal and state grant funding for the following capital improvement projects later this year upon receipt of funding:

  • Re-striping the pavement markings for Runway 14/32, all taxiways and all parking aprons.
  • Design and installation of a replacement airfield emergency generator to provide emergency power to the airfield lighting in the event of a power outage.
  • Initiate the planning phase for the Taxiway 'A' Pavement and Lighting Rehabilitation project.  This project will ultimately repave the taxiway, install a new light emitting diode (LED) taxiway lighting and signage, and may shift the taxiway by 50 feet to the south to provide the 400-foot separation from the runway center line required by current FAA standards.  The project will be designed in 2020 and improvements constructed in 2021.  Project Map (PDF)

Completed Projects

2018 Projects

The Runway 6/24 pavement and lighting rehabilitation project was bid and awarded; however, due to the timing of the grant's receipt, it was decided to pushed the project into 2019 to avoid potential impacts due to winter weather. 

2017 Projects

The Airport prepared the plans and specifications to construct a complete rehabilitation of the Runway 6/24 pavement and lighting system in 2018.

2016 Projects

The Airport completed Phase 3 and 4 of the Terminal Apron Rehabilitation and Expansion project. The project was selected by as the winner in the general aviation airports category by the Michigan Concrete Association for their 2016 Award of Excellence (PDF).