Resource Recovery Center

  1. 1984 Astronomy Club Authorization to Use Site (PDF)
  2. Agreement for Economic Development Services between Muskegon Area First and Muskegon County (PDF)
  3. Agricultural Wetlands Conservation Easement Agreement (PDF)
  4. Beagle Club Agreement 2011 (PDF)
  5. Calcium Chloride 2014 Bid Extension (PDF)
  6. Community Foundation for Muskegon County Grant Agreement (PDF)
  7. Consumers Easement (PDF)
  8. Consumers Energy Demand Response - Amendment 05.11.2021
  9. Consumers Energy Demand Response Program Agreement 2017 (PDF)
  10. Easement Agreement with Keith Kantola (PDF)
  11. Easement from Peter Damm 2013 (PDF)
  12. IFB 18-2284 Distribution Channel Screen Addition & RI Pump Station Screen Replacement Project (PDF)
  13. IFB 18-2286 Cell #3 Improvements Project (PDF)
  14. IFB 18-2292 Rapid Infiltration Bed Project (PDF)
  15. IFB20-2389 Wastewater Parking Lot Paving - Other Improvements
  17. Master Contract final August 2010 (PDF)
  18. Michigan's Edge Mountain Biking Association (PDF)
  19. MOA with Michigan DNR - Corn Strips_Signed
  20. NASA Property Use Agreement (for Test and Tune Race) (PDF)
  21. PF agreement with MCWMS 2008 (PDF)
  22. Praxair Microbulk Argon Tank Contract (PDF)
  23. Professional Services Agreement for the Water Supply Study to Serve Muskegon County Wastewater Management System (PDF)
  24. Sewer Lift Sta. and Sewer Line Transfer Agreement (PDF)
  25. Timber Sale Agreement with Blough Hardwoods, January, 2018 (PDF)
  26. Waste Water and DNR Memorandum of Agreement - 2021
  27. WLSWA 40 year agreement (PDF)
  28. Wooded Wetlands Conservation Easement Agreement (PDF)