County Commission District Maps

Who’s My Commissioner Mapping Application

This mapping application is designed to be an easy lookup for Muskegon County’s constituents to identify the elected Muskegon County Commissioner representing each district by conducting a search of specific property.  Simply enter your address in the search box on the left side of the application.  Once an appropriate match is found, select that address.  The application will select the address, zoom to the Commission District Boundaries, and then present the Commissioner’s contact information in the text box on the right side of your browser window.  

This map and the data represented is part of the Muskegon County GIS system, and is presented for reference only.  Additional data sources for base map information are also presented for reference only.  

Who's My Commissioner Mapping Application 
For Commission Districts and Commissioners 

valid through December 2022

Who's My Commissioner Mapping Application 
For Commission Districts and Commissioners

effective January 2023

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Muskegon County Board of Commissioners District Maps (static PDF maps)

Maps of Districts valid through December 2022                         Maps of Districts effective January 2023

Commissioner Name
District Map

Commissioner NameDistrict Map
Rillastine R. Wilkins
District 1

1Kim CyrDistrict 1
Marcia Hovey-WrightDistrict 2

2Zach LahringDistrict 2
Susie Hughes
District 3

3Michelle HazekampDistrict 3
Robert Scolnik
District 4

4Marcia Hovey-WrightDistrict 4
Zach LahringDistrict 5

5Charles T. NashDistrict 5
Charles Nash
District 6

6Jessica CookDistrict 6
Malinda PegoDistrict 7

7Darrell L. Paige
District 7
Doug Brown
District 8

AllAll Districts Map2023 All Districts Map
Kim CyrDistrict 9

AllAll Districts Map2022 All Districts Map

Purchase a Map

If you would like to purchase a full-color 24-inch by 36-inch print of the County Commissioners Map or any of the District Detail Maps, the cost is $20 and may be ordered by contacting Muskegon County GIS at 231-724-4458 or via email from the GIS page.