Brookhaven Medical Care Facility

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Brookhaven Medical Care Facility is one of 36 County Medical Care Facilities in the State of Michigan. This special designation distinguishes us from other skilled nursing homes in that our mission is to provide care and services based upon the philanthropic needs of the community.

Medical Facility Court Yard

About the Facility

We are owned by the County of Muskegon, and operated through a joint effort between Muskegon County, its Board of County Commissioners, and the Muskegon County Department of Health and Human Services Board of Directors.

We have 120 dual-eligible Medicare and Medicaid beds, making Brookhaven one of the largest skilled nursing facilities in the area. Residents enjoy exceptionally large private and semi-private rooms that provide each person with their own window with beautiful views, in addition to access to our one-acre, fully enclosed natural courtyard area.

Brookhaven Doesn't Discriminate

Brookhaven does not discriminate against any person because of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, sexual preference, marital status or source of payment.