Legal Rights After Sentencing

You have the right:

  • To be notified of the location where the defendant is to be confined
  • To receive within 30 days of your request, notice of the earliest release date of the defendant from jail or prison
  • To be notified of the transfer or pending transfer of the defendant to a minimum security facility and the address of that facility
  • To be notified of the release or pending release of the defendant to a community residential program, extended furlough or transfer to community status
  • To be notified of a reduction of the defendant's sentence as a result of "good time" credit
  • To be promptly notified of an escape by the defendant
  • To submit a written statement to the parole board or to a member of any panel having authority over a defendant's release on parole
  • To be notified within 14 days of the decision of a parole review
  • To be notified 90 days before the defendant's release from prison, if practical
  • To be notified of any hearing regarding a reprieve, commutation or pardon of sentence by the Governor