Heritage Landing

Not only does Muskegon County enjoy some of the least developed Lake Michigan coastline, the County also contains three large lakes: Mona Lake in the south, White Lake to the north, and Muskegon Lake in the middle. For most of the history of Muskegon, the shorelines of these lakes, Muskegon Lake in particular, were the center of lumbering and industrial activities responsible for Muskegon's development and prosperity.

In recent years, Muskegon has started to reclaim the lake front for recreational uses. New housing and condominium developments, as well as marinas, have been built along the lakes. Most impressive of all, the County of Muskegon has converted an abandoned brown field into Heritage Landing.

Summer Events

During the summer, Heritage Landing provides the venue for the Unity Christian Music Festival and the Michigan Irish Musical Festival. With carnival rides, music from popular musical performers, and fireworks displays, Heritage Landing brings excitement to the Muskegon Lake waterfront.

Summer Celebration
Heritage Pavillion