Muskegon County offers five commercial docking facilities providing a variety of shipping, logistics support, storage, towing, and ship repair services for corporations. Convenient options are available to deliver and receive goods from the Port of Muskegon, and move those goods to market, nationally and internationally.

Muskegon Lake is the largest natural deep-water port in West Michigan. The Port of Muskegon handles over 1 million tons of freight, aggregate, coal and salt every year.


The United States Army Corps of Engineers provides funding for dredging of the Muskegon Lake Channel to provide year-round access to port facilities.

Other Facilities

In addition to our commercial port facilities, 12 recreational marinas operate on Muskegon Lake and over 20 charter fishing operations call Muskegon Lake home. White Lake, about 7.5 nautical miles north of the Muskegon Lake Channel, has 8 recreational marinas and 12 charter fishing operators. A scenic cruise ship, the Aquastar, offers leisure and dinner cruises on Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan from its berth on Muskegon Lake. This beautiful freshwater harbor also hosts cruise ships, The Pearl Mist, Victory Cruise Lines, and Le Champlain. 


Building on its tradition as a Port City, Muskegon County is also served by the Lake Express Ferry, a high-speed ship carrying passengers and vehicles across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Muskegon in just 2.5 hours, offering two runs every day during its May to October season.

More Information

Muskegon County and its port operators are here to serve your logistics needs and answer inquiries. For more information, contact the West Michigan Port Operators at:
West Michigan Port Operators
560 Mart Street
Muskegon, MI 49440
Phone: 231-722-6691
West Michigan Port Operators website