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August 13, 2020

Muskegon County Courts Reduced Hours of Operation


The Muskegon County Courts are announcing their schedules for the rest of the year. The COVID crisis has required, and continues to require, the Courts to make sacrifices in order to achieve the financial savings requested by Muskegon County.

The Courts will continue to allow public access to the building from Monday through Thursday from 10:00- 4:30pm. The Circuit and Probate Courts will implement their “limited access Fridays” starting August 14. The District Court will begin limited access Fridays on September 11. This schedule will continue through 2020, with some adjustments for the holiday weeks.

“Limited access Fridays” means, generally, that the public will not be allowed into the building on Friday for any court related business. However, citizens with emergency needs can call or email the court on Fridays. Both staff and judges are available to consider emergency requests on Fridays and at other times.

The public should understand that there are other offices in the Hall of Justice, such as the Prosecutor, the Sheriff and the County Clerk, who are independent and free to design their own approaches to this challenge. The Prosecutor’s office, Sheriff, and the Clerk’s office are open on Fridays from 10:00-4:30pm, with the Prosecutor’s office having limited staff available that day.

The Courts’ proactive approaches, in conjunction with the State of Michigan’s Workshare Program, are expected to achieve savings of approximately $538,000 through the end of this calendar year. These are truly extraordinary times, and the Courts thank all of the citizens in our community for their patience and cooperation during this challenging period.

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