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Please visit for a complete copy of solicitation materials.

Vendors can view solicitations notices on this page then follow the link above to Bonfire to register as vendor to download the full specifications. Vendors must be registered with Bonfire to download and upload responses.

Registration is easy and free. Please be sure to select the NIGP codes associated with your type of business or organization. Our solicitations will be set up using those codes and will be matched to vendors and contractors with the same codes.

We’re excited about the changes we are making to streamline the solicitation process for our vendors and look forward to your participating in future solicitations.

All formal solicitations delivered after the designated opening time will not be considered.

If the recipient modifies the solicitation document, the original document on file in the Office of the Purchasing Manager takes precedence.

The following is a listing of various bid postings. Click on any of the titles for the details on that particular bid.
Administration 1 Bid
Hazard Mitigation Plan
Bid No. RFP 21-2426
The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners is requesting proposals for Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Muskegon County Emergency Services Department is seeking to procure a...[Read on]
8/17/2021 2:00 PM
Resource Recovery Center 1 Bid
Interception Ditch Cleaning
Bid No. IFB 21-2427
The Muskegon County Board of Public Works is requesting bids for the Wastewater System Improvements Interception Ditch Cleaning for the Muskegon County Resource Recovery...[Read on]
8/6/2021 2:00 PM