What is the next step in my case?

When a case is referred for establishment services to the Muskegon County Family Court, you will be contacted by a staff member to discuss how we will proceed with your case. Each case is different, and may require different actions to move forward. Generally, establishment of a case will include attending meetings at the Family Court, signing court documents, and in rare cases, appearing in front of a judge. In order to reduce the amount of visits you will need to make at the Family Court, please bring all documents that Family Court staff ask you to bring.

This may include items like your child's birth certificate, a copy of any prior acknowledgment of paternity, documents related to any marriages or divorces that you have been a party to, a government issued I.D., income information, and information regarding any parenting time arrangements you may have with the other parent.

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2. What is the next step in my case?
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