What does the First Call Network system do?

The First Call Network telephone emergency notification system is another tool that the county can use to alert people of an emergency situation. First Call Network makes telephone calls to those affected by the emergency, alerting them to the emergency situation and providing them with appropriate response instructions. The calls are made very quickly (212 per minute). First Call is an emergency notification service, so they have the phone lines and computer equipment. The system is available 24 hours a day, throughout the whole year.

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1. What does the First Call Network system do?
2. What are some potential uses of the system?
3. What will the message say?
4. Who will activate the system?
5. How often will the message be repeated?
6. Is the system capable of calling from a specific site?
7. Can people respond to the calls they receive?
8. How do I include my unlisted phone number?
9. Who contracted with First Call Network?
10. How does First Call get the phone numbers?