How can I help?

As representatives of your local government and your community we are asking that those of you who believe in the power of prayer, to be diligent and faithful in praying for these efforts and for peace in Muskegon County. Please also consider giving of your finances to sponsor kids who cannot afford the costs of these programs. Please also express your appreciation to the Muskegon Community Foundation and other organizations that financially support these programs. Please also get involved by offering your time and your talents by volunteering to help the kids of our community turn negative behaviors into positive opportunities. All you need to do is contact any social justice member and ask, “How can I help?” We will find a task for you that will positively impact the lives of our kids.

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1. What is the Muskegon Social Justice Commission (SJC)?
2. Why does law enforcement care about youth education?
3. How can I help?