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District Court Recorded Audio Hearing Request

  1. Request a Copy of a Recorded Audio Hearing

    During the coronavirus pandemic, and pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-06, audio recordings of all public 60th District Court proceedings on or after April 7th, and continuing until further notice of the court, will be provided at no fee. To request an audio recording of a public court proceeding, complete the form below, or please mail your request directly to the office of the judge who presided over the court proceeding.

  2. Enter the case number of the hearing you are requesting (if known).

  3. Enter the date of the hearing.

  4. Enter the first and last name of one of the parties in the hearing.

  5. Please enter your first and last name.

  6. Enter an email address you wish the hearing audio to be sent.

  7. Any additional questions or information can be entered here. Please note that only questions relating to the audio hearing request will be answered.

  8. Terms of Usage:*

    I understand that any video recording viewed or obtained pursuant to this request may not be reproduced, altered, disseminated, placed on the internet, published, or posted, without prior approval of the Chief Judge or designee. Any violation may be treated as contempt of court. This recording is not considered an official transcript of the court proceeding it depicts, and cannot be utilized as such, for any purpose that an official transcript, allowable under Michigan law, may be used.

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