Commercial / Industrial Properties

Below is an interactive map viewer of all of the available commercial & industrial properties that are For Sale by the Muskegon County Land Bank Authority.

The interactive map viewer allows you to navigate to available commercial & industrial properties within Muskegon County. You are able to click on each point or polygon to bring up details about that property. The map viewer also allows you to toggle the legend, base map, and information details about the map in the menu bar that is located in the upper left corner of the map viewer. Also you may search for an address or place within the search bar located in the menu bar. Zoom in and out to get the extent in which you are looking for as well as zoom to the full extent by clicking the home icon on the left side of the menu bar.

Click Here to view a PDF listing of the commercial & industrial properties for sale.

Click Here to view the commercial & industrial land bank properties for sale map viewer in full screen.

Landbank_For_Sale_Commercial_Industrial_500x250 Opens in new window