What are the duties of a guardian?
  • The guardian generally has the same authority and responsibility for the adult as a parent has for a minor child.
  • The guardian is required to file every year an Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Incapacitated Individual. The report must be filed within 56 days of the anniversary date of the appointment. They must also give a copy of the report to the adult and the persons listed on the guardianship petition. The information contained in the report allows the Court to assess how the guardianship is working and whether it is still necessary.

The Court will also review a guardianship within a year of the guardian being appointed and at least once every three years afterwards.

  • You must visit the ward within 3 months of becoming guardian and at least once every 3 months after your last visit.
  • The guardian may make routine medical decisions but may not consent to extraordinary medical procedures without a court order.
  • A major goal of the guardian is always to try to restore the ward to independence.

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