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Probation Violation Arraignment Advice Of Rights

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  2. Probation Violation
    Arraignment Advice Of Rights
  3. 1. You are accused of violating one or more of your probation conditions. You have the following basic rights:
    Each of these rights apply to you.
  4. 2. You have the right to a lawyer appointed at public expense if you want a lawyer and you are financially unable to retain one. If you are able to pay part of the cost of a lawyer, the court may require you to contribute to the cost of providing a lawyer and may establish a plan for collecting the contribution. If you choose to proceed without an attorney, you will give up your right to a lawyer's assistance.
  5. 3. The court must set a reasonably prompt hearing date or postpone the hearing. If a probationer is being held in custody for an alleged probation violation, the probation violation hearing must be held within 14 days after the arraignment or the court must order the probationer released from that custody pending the hearing. If the alleged violation is based on a criminal offense that is a basis for a separate criminal prosecution, the court may postpone the hearing for the outcome of that prosecution.
  6. 4. At a contested violation hearing:
    Each of these factors apply to you.
  7. 5. If you plead guilty and your plea is accepted, you will give up the right to a contested hearing. The court will advise you of the maximum possible jail or prison sentence for the offense.
  8. 6. If the court finds that you have violated a condition of probation, or if you plead guilty or no contest to a violation, the court may continue probation, modify the conditions of probation, extend the probation period, or revoke probation and impose a sentence of incarceration.
  9. 7. Fines, costs, and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be paid at the time of assessment, except when the court allows otherwise, for good cause shown. If you are not able to pay due to financial hardship, contact the court immediately to request a payment alternative. MCR 6.425(E)(3)
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  11. Note: If you require special accommodations to use the court because of disabilities or if you require a foreign language interpreter to help you fully participate in court proceedings, please contact the court immediately to make arrangements.
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