Lead Poisoning Prevention, Case Management, and Screening

Public Health – Muskegon County provides a variety of services that help to identify, manage, and prevent lead poisoning in our community’s children. Our staff works with healthcare provider offices to assure children are screened periodically and appropriately referred to hazard reduction services. 

Lead Exposure Screening 

The lead screening program at Public Health - Muskegon County helps to assure all Muskegon County children are screened for lead exposure at appropriate intervals and are referred to medical care as required. The type of testing done at Public Health is a preliminary screen, otherwise known as a capillary test. If the results are more than 3.5 ug/dL (micrograms/deciliter), a child will be referred to their health care provider for follow up testing (venous draw) and monitoring. 

Lead Education and Case Management

Public Health – Muskegon County offers education and case management services for all families of children with a blood lead test (venous draw) result greater than 3.5 ug/dL. The Community Education staff will attempt to contact the family of each child with a high test result by mail, telephone call, and/or text message to offer case management and/or education services.

Education services include:

  • Providing instruction on lead safe cleaning methods and/or supplies and equipment
  • Conducting lead safe cleaning of the home
  • Offering HEPA Vacuum rental free of charge
  • Creating temporary barriers to possible lead hazards
  • Providing help with an application for the Lead Safe Muskegon Hazard Control Program

Case Management services include:

  • Development of a treatment plan for each affected child
  • Coordination with all Medicaid health plans (insurances) and the child’s primary care provider
  • Follow up and referral services to assure a sustained decrease in the child’s blood lead level

Lead Poisoning Information and Resources

Lead Poisoning and Health – World Health Organization
Lead – Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Lead Exposure in Adults – New York State Department of Health