Infant Mortality Reduction

Infant Mortality Reduction
Public Health – Muskegon County coordinates a number of activities focused on understanding and reducing poor birth outcomes in the community.  

Child Death Review (CDR) Team
Together with the Muskegon County Medical Examiner’s Office and other stakeholder agencies, Public Health – Muskegon County provides coordination for the Muskegon County CDR. Following the Michigan Child Protection Law (MCL 722.627b) the team meets regularly to review the circumstances surrounding the deaths of children residing in Muskegon County up to age 18.

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)
Public Health – Muskegon County provides coordination for the County FIMR system. FIMR is an action-oriented community process that continually assesses, monitors, and works to improve service systems and community resources for women, infants, and families. Research shows FIMR is an effective perinatal systems intervention.

FIMR works in conjunction with the Child Death Review team to look for common causes of infant death in a community. A Case Review Team (CRT) reviews each death, looking for common factors. The CRT then recommends possible solutions to a Community Action Team (CAT) that has the ability to change policy and/or a procedure to reduce future deaths.

Infant Safe Sleep
Public Health Muskegon County receives funding from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to promote and encourage infant safe sleep practices among our community families. Community benefits of this program include access to safer sleep resources, planning a safe sleep environment instruction, and educational opportunities for family based professionals. 

Infant and Child Mortality Information and Resources
Maternal and Infant Health – Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Infant Mortality Prevention – Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention - National resource and data center for Fetal and Infant Mortality Review and Child Death Review.
Safe Kids Worldwide - A nonprofit organization working to help families and communities keep kids safe from injuries.

Contact Information

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