About Us

The Official Recorder & Depository of Land Management Documents Since 1859.

The Register of Deeds office, located at 173 East Apple Avenue across the street from The Michael E Kobza Hall of Justice, is held by Mark F. Fairchild. The primary requirement of the office is to record deeds, mortgages, liens, surveys, plats, land contracts, condominiums, financing statements, related documents and other miscellaneous real estate documents. The Register of Deeds is also responsible for collecting real estate transfer tax for the State of Michigan and the County.

The Register of Deeds cannot assist or prepare your documents to be recorded and urges you to seek professional advice from an attorney, title company or real estate agent!

Mark Fairchild is also the Chairman of the Muskegon County Plat Board. The Plat Act requires that plats be approved by two engineering firms, the one which makes the drawings and a second disinterested firm. The Road Commission, the Drain Commissioner and the Health Department also must approve preliminary plats before the Plat Board takes any action. After the Plat Board gives its approval, the plat is submitted to the State of Michigan for the final approval before the plat is recorded with the Register of Deeds.