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  1. Citizen Appointment Application

    The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners annually seeks (beginning in August) residents Interested in serving the community through... More…

  2. FOIA Request for Public Records

    Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231, et seq. Note: The County is not required to provide records... More…

  1. Contact Us


  1. Customer Information Update

    Use this form to provide changes to customer contact, billing, and aircraft information on file with airport administration.

  2. Win a Trip

    Sign up for the chance to win a trip to Asheville, North Carolina.

  1. T-Hangar Storage Agreement Cancellation

    Use this on-line form to provide official notice to the Airport of your intent to cancel your Aircraft Storage Hangar Agreement.

Circuit Court

  1. Circuit Court Recorded Video Hearing Request

    Form to request a Circuit Court a video copy of a prior hearing.


  1. COVID-19 Daily Sign-In - BLDG G

    Daily required sign-in for entering BLDG G.

District Court

  1. Access & Fairness Survey

    The 60th District Court is dedicated to serve the public courteously and efficiently. We would like to know if we are succeeding and... More…

  2. Advice of Rights and Plea Information (Misdemeanor) (DC 213)

    Misdemeanor Advice of Rights form (Rev. 6/18)

  3. Application For Payment Plan

    Form used to submit financial information to 60th District Court when requesting a payment plan be established for debt(s) owed.

  4. Civil Pre-Trial

    Form used to provide required information prior to civil trial occurring.

  5. Demand and Order for Removal / Small Claims

    Demand and Order for Removal / Small Claims / DC 86 / MCL 600.8401

  6. Objections to Garnishment and Notice to Hearings

    Form used to object and request hearing to stop / review previously ordered wage garnishments on a specific case

  7. Request for Court-Appointed Attorney and Order (MC 222)

    Request for Court Appointed Attorney and Order (Rev. 3/16)

  8. Supervision Report

    Information sheet used by 60th District Court Probation Division to capture required information for those sentenced to probation per... More…

  1. Advice of Rights (Felony) DC213(a)

    DC213(a) Rev 1-15

  2. Appeal of Judgment of Magistrate / Small Claims Division

    Defendant or Plaintiff may use this form to appeal a small claims Magistrate Judgement in order to have a case heard before a District... More…

  3. Basic Information Sheet / Probation

    Background information form for those parties entering probation per court order.

  4. Defendant's Request for Hearing on Plaintiff's Motion to Set Aside Installment Payments

    Defendant Requests a Hearing on the Plaintiff's Motion to Set Aside Installment Payments (Rev. N/A)

  5. District Court Recorded Audio Hearing Request

    Form to request an audio recording of a District Court public hearing.

  6. Plaintiff Request for Hearing on Defendant's Motion for Installment Payments

    Plaintiff requests a hearing be scheduled on the Defendant's Motion for Installment Payments

  7. Statement of Rights and Waiver - Small Claims

    Statement of Rights and Waiver - Small Claims

Emergency Management

  1. First Call Network - Adding Unlisted Phone Number

    Use this form to make sure that your unlisted phone number is included in the First Call Network.


  1. Advanced Teen Driving

    Complete this form if you are interested in signing your teen driver up for the next Advanced Teen Driving class.

  2. Complaint Form

    Use this online form to submit a complaint the Sheriff's Department.

  3. Special Event Request Form

    Use this online form to submit a Special Event Request.

  1. Boater Safety Class Host Form

    If you or your organization is interested in hosting a boaters safety course, please complete this form and we will contact you.

  2. Property Checks

    Use this online form to request a property check to have your property / residence checked by law enforcement while you are away.