Filling Out Forms & Filing Documents


FROM 10:00 A.M. UNTIL 5:00 P.M.

Filing Circuit Court Documents

The County Clerk’s Circuit Court Records Office handles the filing of new civil, domestic, and criminal cases for the 14th Judicial Circuit Court as well as the filing of any future pleadings within those cases.

During the Court's closure, there are two ways to file documents with Circuit Court Records:  

1.  Mail documents to Circuit Court Records, 990 Terrace, 6th Floor, Muskegon MI 49442; OR

2.  Bring your paperwork to Circuit Court Records door on the 6th floor of the Hall of Justice; OR

3.  Drop your documents in the dropbox located outside the Circuit Court Records door in the Hall of Justice, 6th floor.

A cover letter is not required but it may be helpful to include a letter containing the filer’s information, case information, payment information and all appropriate filing and copy fees.

Legal Advice

Personnel of the Muskegon County Clerk’s Office are not attorneys and thus are forbidden by law to give legal advice. Assistance with filling out forms, in most instances, constitutes legal advice.