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The Small Claims Court was established in 1968 as a division of the District Court system. Its purpose is to provide a court to be used by people without the aid of attorneys to settle monetary disputes of $6,500 or less.

Auto Negligence

Some auto negligence cases may also be filed in the Small Claims Court. Since July 1, 1980, the No-Fault Insurance Law permits lawsuits for accident-caused damages to motor vehicles under certain conditions.

What to Expect at a Court Date

Although a party may seek legal advice before or after the hearing, parties are not allowed legal representation in Small Claims Court. Each party simply states their case in their own words. After both sides have been heard, the judge or magistrate makes a ruling.

Judge's Rulings

Once a ruling is made the parties must comply with the judge's ruling. It's important to remember that a judge's decision is final in Small Claims Court. It cannot be appealed to a higher court. However, if the case is heard by a magistrate, either party may ask that the case be reheard by a judge if the magistrate's decision is unfavorable.

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