Courtroom Policy

Policy Governing the Use of Electronic Communication Devices [MCR 8.115(C)]

  1. Contempt Warning
  2. Prohibited in Courtrooms
  3. Addressing the Court
  4. Customer Feedback

Electronic communication devices include cell phones, pagers, two way portable radios, lap top computers, and any other electronic device that possesses the capability of communicating information from one person to another.

  • Electronic communication devices must be turned off prior to entering a courtroom.
  • No electronic communication devices may be used in any courtroom, unless authorization is given by the Judge assigned to that courtroom.
  • Jurors are not permitted to use electronic communication devices while in attendance at trial or during deliberation. [See MCR 2.515(B)(2)]
  • No photographs may be taken of any jurors or witnesses.
  • No photographs may be taken inside any courtroom without permission of the court.
  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in a fine, including confiscation of the device, incarceration, or both for contempt of court.