Sobriety Court

About Sobriety Court

Sobriety Court is a special, misdemeanor therapeutic court given the responsibility to handle cases involving alcohol-related or substance-abuse offenders through an extensive supervision and treatment program. This is a voluntary program. Participants are identified through a legal and substance abuse screening. The participants are referred by judges of the court, probation officers, law enforcement and attorneys. The program is an 18-month commitment consisting of four phases.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Muskegon Sobriety Court (MSC) is to provide a coordinated family-centered approach to substance abuse services by integrating the judicial system with community resources to improve public safety while reducing the cost of repeat offenders and increasing accountability of those involved in criminal activity.


Through this holistic approach, MSC promises to work collaboratively with the entire family and community to overcome barriers in a timely and accountable manner in providing individualized alternatives to continued criminal actions among offenders.


  • MSC values integrity
  • MSC values dignity
  • MSC values empowerment of the entire family
  • MSC values safe, drug-free communities

Target Population

  • Those individuals who plead guilty to an offense/petition related to alcohol or drug abuse (primarily OWI/OUIL 2nd/OWI 3rd)
  • Those determined to be alcohol or drug dependent or abusing alcohol or drugs by the ADE Screening tool
  • Those 18 years or older
  • Muskegon County residents
  • Volunteer participants
  • Non-Violent Offenders

Helpful Resources

For more information about the Muskegon Sobriety Court program, contact the Sobriety Court Office at 231-724-6511.