Hall of Justice Security Screening

For the safety of the public and employee’s, when the entering the Hall of Justice the public can expect to have their property searched via an x-ray machine and a walk through metal detector.  Additional searched of bags or briefcases may take place if needed. 

The following items are not allowed with-in the Hall of Justice:

  1. Firearms of any type (with the exception of Law Enforcement Officers that are on duty)
  2. Bladed Weapons (including pocket knives, scissors and razor blades)
  3. Tools of any type
  4. Chemical Agents such as mace or pepper spray
  5. Explosive or Incendiary devices
  6. Knitting needles/crochet hooks
  7. Weapons such as brass knuckles

Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to determine if items entering the courthouse are considered weapons or dangerous in nature and forbid their entrance into the courthouse.   Items not allowed in the courthouse must be stored by the owner.  The Sheriff’s Office will not store items for individuals.

Michigan Court Rule prohibits the use of cell phones and other recording devices within the courtrooms.  It is recommended that if you are appearing in court that you leave any such items in your vehicles.

Office found within the Hall of Justice include the Sheriff’s Administration Office, The Prosecutors Office, District Courtrooms (located on the 2nd floor), Circuit Courtrooms (located on the 4th and 6th floors), Probate Courtrooms (located on the 5th floor), district court records, circuit court records, district court probation and collections, County Clerk’s Office, Friend of the Court, Family Court.